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Anyone with U.S. RN experience worked or currently working in Kuwait? Would like to get information. Thanks!

Why would you want to work there? Anyway, as far as salary is concerned...you will have a decent wage in one of the ministry hospital or oil company. But, if you will work in a private hospital...salary is like that of a janitor. And work ethics there is very different from what you are used to. Example, its based on nationality, not credentials...Arabs are given twice the salary, even if they are newbies. I was working there for 3 years already, when one Jordanian came with just 6 mos experience from his home country and yet his basic salary is higher than me by 50KD. And promotion is not based on performance; my supervisor told me, that the admin will only allow 10 persons to have "very good" marks, and since I am new, and single...she will give the "very good" to another staff because she has two children, and she is paying for her rent also,while I am provided with free housing. These are just some of the things, which I felt is really unfair and there are a lot more than this...small things that ultimately gets into your nerves. By the way, pardon me for saying...but I think that country is where the lazy nurses are concentrated.