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I am throwing this thread out there since i know first hand getting into university in the lower mainland can be extremely competitive. I am an LPN of three years and have acute care, surgical, dementia and residential care experience. Since pre rec's seem to vary from university to univeristy ie: mainly math either wanting pre calc or stats. I decided to apply to KPU for their 4 year BSN program vs. taking another math to try and get into a bridging program. My GPA is sitting at a 3.9 and I have done 18 univeristy credits before hand that will transfer over to my first year. Which I saw on their website the advised taking if you wanted to lighten your workload first year. Now! My question to anyone reading this who has been accepted into the KPU BSN program is how competitive did you find the GPA to be? And did you enjoy the program? finding yourself able to succeed and gain your BSN. I think I have a good shot at getting in. Although I am a mature student of 26 I still fall under the high school category as I only have 18 undergrad credits and not 24. Any advise on how strong my application is would be greatly appreciated! Best, Chantelle.


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Has anyone taken the BSN program at KPU? Or is currently enrolled? I have heard mixed reviews/ratings. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! :)


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Hi guys I am applying to the BSN 2016 UFV/KPU Jan intake I was wondering If I have a chance to get in If I have about 200 hours of experince at a old age home?



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Hi Jsandhu12,

Have you heard anything back yet?