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Anyone hear back yet? Anyone know when theyll have interviews? Im still waiting for my return envelope stating I turned everything in. I have a feeling they lost my app.. :crying2:

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Don't worry, they only send envelopes to those who have incomplete applications, or those who need to provide supporting documents, most applicants don't hear back from the school until the 2nd or 3rd week in January for invites to the interviews. Good luck :)


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I am still waiting to hear back too! I was hoping that I would find out sooner to make arrangements to fly out there in advance. Oh well! I called about my application to make sure KPSAN had received it. They were unable to give me any information about receiving my application :( (I don't get it!). Let me know if you get an interview!


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got my interview! so stoked!! good luck all..


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How many interviews is KPSAN doing this year?


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This year they recieved 500+ apps, interview 80,...accept around 35-37...good luck to you all

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