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Kindred Hospital in Philadelphia

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I'm very interested in working in an ICU. I've been applying to hospitals Philadelphia and Kindred Hospital seems to have frequent openings...Anyone familiar with their ICU? Is this a true ICU or is it more like MedSurg? Any information you can provide is truly appreciated!

I'm a student but I did half of my clinicals at Kindred and the other half in med-surg at an acute care hospital. I don't have anything to compare it to but the patients were trached, had stage 3 and 4 pressure ulcers, most were on contact isolation. The nurses had 2 patients each with no aides. I enjoyed the rotation very much and would work in their ICU. This was in Houston so I don't know if all facilities are the same. I hope this helps a little lol.


Specializes in Operating Room, ICU, CCRN.

Thanks so much! I'm just really curious of the Kindred hospital in Philadelphia...the patients, the facility, the complexity of the ICU there, pros and cons, etc...


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I believe that this Kindred is an acute rehab hospital. I work at HUP and we have sent patients there once they are sub-acute. I don't know that their ICU is a traditional ICU, so I would try to find that out. Unfortunately that is the only info that I have to offer. Good luck in your search!


Specializes in Operating Room, ICU, CCRN.

Thanks! Really looking for a traditional ICU experience...I guess I'll have to find out more information after I interview or do a walk through...(very curious) :)


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