Just received my acceptance letter from the EKU ADN nursing program! - page 2

I'm really excited, but upon reading I keep hearing how extremely hard and almost undo able this program will be...and how the teacher like to see you fail. It absolutely brings down my confidence... Read More

  1. by   EKU2014hopeful
    Hi, I think you have a good shot, don't hold back apply anyways, and if you don't get in apply next semester again . From my unfortunate personal experience I failed an exam that I studies only a few days for. I would say that at the very least you should study a week, also going over what you learned in class that very same night works too. I know that this is easier said than done. Also, the test get a little harder as the semester goes, so don't think that just because you did we'll on the first one with little studying that that's how it's gonna be, trust me, the exams change a bit. Make sure you study for the calculations exam bc you must pass that before you can stay in the class, even if you get in the program that is like the last hoop they make you jump through. Best wishes!
  2. by   booyah07
    EKU nursing program is not about education, how well (how much) you study or how much your understand the nursing process. It's all based on how well you can read an exam question decide who wrote it & answer based on that instructor's notes, power points or lectures.
    The last semester I was there we had 4 different lab values for BUN alone for exams, we were told to read our books, which I did, even bought a study guide for our book to test myself before exams only to be told to not use book information for exams but what was said in class.
    No way I would suggests anyone goes to a public college for nursing. Go private & pay for a real education not college's concern or boosting about nlcex pass rate. Pass rate only explains a few things; how well the student can take nlcex exam type questions, how well the college cuts out the students on the line, but in no way does it show how deep the students understand patients, disease progress, medications, or how to treat patients.