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Does anyone know what color scrubs the ADN RN students wear for the BCTCS program?... Read More

  1. by   LuckyinKY
    Hmm, I am eligible for a phone upgrade, so I guess I will get an Iphone then. I just hate the idea of paying for the data plan, but I know I will use it. I just know that some nursing programs won't let you use Iphones b/c they have a camera.
  2. by   ky_grl82
    I am so glad I didn't buy my uniforms yet because I didn't know they had to be a specific brand and style. boo! Oh well, I just glad to be accepted. And I just bought an itouch last fall! Yay! I wouldn't get an iphone because you could pay for the itouch in 3 months just for the cost of the extra data plan plus the iphone you must pay for. If you have any wifi signal, the itouch will work and there are no fees. The only neg parts is that there is no camera and there is no microphone so unless you get the apple earbuds that has a microphone on it for $25 you can't make voice memos but if you do get the earbuds you can make a Wifi phone out of the itouch with a cheap app.
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  3. by   ky_grl82
    OH about registering for NR 115, I heard that if you were having problems registering, you need to go the registrar's office (2nd floor cooper) and they will sign you up. You just need your class/section #s. I had to do this and it worked out fine.
  4. by   Future.N.Nursing
    Royal Blue.

    Life Uniforms in Lexington (2 locations) is where my friend who is in the BCTCS program gets hers from. They also give you a discount there if you are a student. I go to MSU & we get a discount as well.

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