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I applied for BCTC nursing program beginning fall 2011. I am thinking whoever applied should find out this week or next week. Anyone else here apply?... Read More

  1. by   kdonovan
    I didn't make it.
  2. by   Juryizout
    I am so sorry....
  3. by   kdonovan
    that's okay, thank you though..
  4. by   time2dothis11
    I was a lucky one and got in! So, excited. Can anyone give me some information about the Lawrenceburg campus?????
  5. by   kdonovan
    just wondering.. what was your gpa and act score?
  6. by   time2dothis11
    I have a 3.0 GPA and I used a ACT from 1988 when I was in HS.
  7. by   Juryizout
    Congrats to you, Time! I know you're excited. My friend Delia is at Lawrenceburg, and she loves it! You'll enjoy it!
  8. by   time2dothis11
    Jury can you give me some details on how the schedule works? Also, when we meet with advising for summer/fall what all do we need to get registered for classes. I have heard you can't register until you have all your titers etc done. I have yet to receive my package in the mail I am excited to be with a small group vs 100 at the main campus!!!
  9. by   kylecpalmer
    I was accepted to the Lawrenceburg program! Ready to get the ball rolling!
  10. by   time2dothis11
    I just wished I would get the "offical packet" in the mail!! Congrats Kyle!!
  11. by   GamerGirL337
    I may try for here next year...im Tired of Ohio and plan on moving to Lexington anyways...All those who are in the program or who've been accepted...whats the classes like, how long is it there (semesters/quarter and how many of each) scores to get it and what the application process is like...etc...
  12. by   ky_grl82
    This is a "fixing to be a 2nd year" BCTC (Cooper) student... GET YOUR PHARMACOLOGY DONE OVER THE SUMMER!!! Tests are all online (aka OPEN BOOK!). While this is a hugely important class it is nearly impossible to remember all they want you to remember and test over. Please please please save yourself the stress of doing OB, Med/Surg, and Pharm all in the same semester. If I wasn't already so far in the Pharm class I would drop it in a second and do it this summer.

    Also, there are quite a few us 1st years that have signed up for a "safety" spot in the summer pharm class. I am sure most of us will drop when we pass the class so if there are no spots there will be closer to the end of this semester.

    @Gamer- the cooper program is good but you've got to be flexable. They had a lot of faculty changes this semester (as in mid semester). but as a nurse you've got to be flexable and be patient with people. Some students get frustrated because things are changed last minute and seem unorganized. The instructors do want you to succeed. The classes are crazy tough so don't expect any free ride. If you did good in Bio 139 you will probably be Ok. If you barely got a C.... well.. just be prepared.
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  13. by   GamerGirL337

    thanks! if i do decide to move there, my husband would be working but I would be doing nothing but school...so if that is my situation then I think i could handle it...if i would have to work and do it...it would probably be near impossible...but like i said i love Lexington, we have a lot of friends there, theres a lot of jobs there (in what my husband does which is merchandising) so if we moved there i wouldn't have to work, we could live with friends and i could solely concentrate on nursing...

    I am good in Bio classes, the only class i ever struggle in is Chemistry and I still manage a B in that class even then..and thats working 20+ hrs a week around it...I guess we'll see how the next 9 months play out and go from there....

    Thanks for your info though!

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