Kent State-main (Junior) in BSN Program seeking job


As the title says, Im a junior at Kent State-main and am currently looking for a job as a (Nurse assistant/ nurse tech). I am looking at Marymount, and Akron City. Far from eachother, but I live right in between. Are the jobs listed on the hospitals sites the only openings? OR do they generally have more openings than posted? Im just wandering because I'd rather sit and talk with HR, or manager about working, rather than applying for a job that may have been filled weeks ago.



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I'm not sure about that area, but I know the postings at hospitals here in Columbus are pretty up to date. There are sometimes openings that aren't posted yet, but I've only haerd about them because I had friends that worked on those particular floors. HR rules all in terms of hiring.

I ran into a problem once where I got through HR and got an interview on a floor. The manager loved me and hired me on the spot. HR called a previous job and said they gave me a bad review (which I knew they didn't because that particular place liked me and doesn't give reviews - only confirmation of employment) and I couldn't be hired. The manager of the floor went down and fought with HR, but HR refused to let me be hired. Very frustrating.

The jobs are hard to get. I'd apply broadly and not give up. Follow-up with HR a few days after you apply to the jobs. Since you are a junior in nursing school, you must have made some contacts at the hospitals you do your clinicals at. You could also start there.

I would broaden your search and not give up. I had to apply to postings daily for almost 8 months before I even got a call-back. Use your connections - I didn't have those and I am sure they would help. Also try talking to your clinical instructors - they are nurses after all!


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I know this was earlier in the year, but I thought I would respond in case someone was still looking for an answer. I work at Akron City as a tech and I know that they haven't hired any new techs since around last December to March. At least, not on my floor. I haven't even seen it listed under career opportunities.

As far as I know what is listed on the career opportunities board is all they're hiring for.

Unfortunately, Summa mainly hires from within. Most new grad jobs go to scholarship students or techs first.

I know this isn't providing a very positive outlook. I have been told that Akron General still hires a lot of techs, so you may want to try there. However, I have heard its a big mess over there right now....groups buying out doctors, docs and nurses leaving, nurses being asked to take pay cuts. I don't know how true this is, so you may want to ask around before letting it influence your decision. Good luck with everything! I hope you find/found a job! =)