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Keiser University West Palm Beach?


Hello everyone! I am currently a BC nursing student but things are not looking to good for me. I am currently looking into attending Keiser university is west palm beach for their RN program. I wanted to know if I could possibly get any information on their current program and any incite that anyone may have. All info is greatly appreciated.

Hello! I go there. I love Keiser. I start my core this may but have been done with everything for a while now. So you have to have your pre reqs done, take the TEAS and get a a 75 % in math, 75% in reading, 76% in English and a 56% in science. Than you do your interview. It's Mon-Fri . 16 months long. Where are you at now?

Hi thanks so much for the info! I am currently at Broward but not for much longer. I travel about 1hr there and back because it's where I was accepted. How's keiser? I've been contemplating this decision for a while I just want to make sure the investment will be worth it ( the cost is pricey). But I'm determined to learn from my mistakes and apply myself 100%

If you don't mind my asking how did you prepare for the TEAS? Also do you know what a nursing students week schedule is actually like there?

I think it's worth the investment. It is expensive but I love Keiser and the way they are always helpful with whatever you need. The schedule is Mon-Fri. I'm not sure the times but I know for pre-reqs it was 8-2 Mon-Fri. I used the Teas V book by ATI. I would strongly suggest to go to the library and get as many books on nursing entrance exam as possible too. It takes about a month to study for . Best of luck to you!!