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Keiser University


Can someone please tell me more about how good and legit Accelerated Nursing at Keiser is? I've already started filling out an application with them but some of the negative reviews of the school online have scared me. Especially since the school used to be for-profit. Unfortunately my cumulative GPA is 2.83, so Keiser is one of my only hopes for an Accelerated BSN.

Please, any and all information would be hugely appreciated.


I am also wanting further information for the accelerated BSN. What campus are you planning on attending?

Me too! I plan to attend either Fort Lauderdale or Pembroke Pines campus. Hopefully a combined online/campus option is what I’m hoping for.

Not sure if you guys still need this information but I am in my last semester in the accelerated program at the West Palm Beach campus. Keiser can be a headache but at the end of the day I’m getting my degree and will get my license.