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Keep applying to all the CSUs or go out of state?

Hi! I have been so so so excited to finally get to apply to nursing programs this year! But I'm starting to lose hope. I've done generally well but I got a little wore out for awhile and I'm concerned in my ability to get into a reputable program here in California! My overall gpa is somewhere around a 3.6, my prereq gpa is obviously different everywhere depending on the required classes but I'd say it's about a 3.75ish, and my TEAS score is 92%. I have no foreign language points and while I work in a healthcare setting, I am pretty sure it doesn't apply to any nursing programs work experience category. For fall 2016 admission, I originally planned to apply to every single csu. When it came down to it, I ended up only with csulb, csuci, csusb, csub, and fresno state. I had really hoped to apply to sac state and chico as well though :/ have heard back from lb and ci, both no's. I am waiting on the rest but I don't have much hope. I just don't have a whole lot of hope anymore... I'm feeling like it's not going to happen here in the most impacted state ever. My question is this, do I keep trying in California or do I start opening my options to outside this state? I know it's way easier to get in elsewhere but will it be worth it? Will I be able to come back to ca and work somewhat shortly after? And if so where should I even go? HELP!

Maevish, ASN, RN

Has 9 years experience. Specializes in ICU, Postpartum, Onc, PACU.

My first roommate said she went out of state (we're also from California) because where she applied in Nevada, they would base her application on her GPA and she wanted to know why she didn't get in (if she didn't) because some places are just so difficult. I have another friend who was a CNA when I met her at my first RN job and she tried 7-8 times to get into a program, finally did, and now she's on orientation at her new job. This girl and I both are from the Sac area and she went to a school in town (I think Sac City), but I went elsewhere in CA.

I don't remember having a hard time (for whatever reason) and my school had a competitive nursing program so I don't know what happened there. Luck? You may have luck too, but it may take a few tries. In the meantime, if you are able to get work in a hospital somewhere, that will increase your chances of getting a job after school because that can be difficult too (though don't ask me why). xo


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