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Hi I am posting this article in the hopes of getting advice for taking the Kaplan entrance exam. I am super nervous! Any suggestions on how to study or advice from people who have taken it would be great! Extremely worried about math because that is my weakest subject. Thank you!

It's that time where I am prepping to take nursine entrance exams. I currently am studying for the Kaplan. I looked at practices questions online and it seemed like really hard math questions! I am very worried because I definitely want to pass!! Any advice on how the format of the Kaplan is?

Possibly how to go about studying for this and what I should focus on! I have heard that anatomy and physiology will be a focus on there. I just feel very overwhelmed and I feel that I'm not going to know the material when I am testing. I can only hope that I study enough and do well. If anyone can provide study tools that they used that would be great too. Anything will really help. My main focus is really the math portion. It seemed that there was confusing questions that would be on there that regard medicines and dosages. That is what for sure threw me off in the first place.

I also was just informed that I would have to take this test in two weeks which is not a lot of time either. Hoping that I can pull this off. My next step is to take the hessi for another school. The study guide did not seem as difficult as the one for the Kaplan to me. I really hope I can pass both of these tests. Please let me know what I should focus onas far as content. Ratios? Proportions? Cells? Mitosis? There any many things to cover for such a short amount of questions. Does anyone remember how many questions there were in each section?

Maybe even the time limit? Like I said, any info will help me out! The his makes me wonder just how hard the nursing exam will be once I am in nursing school! I know that it's possible to pass these tests. I am hoping I am one of those people who are able to pass it. It is also hard trying to study while doing my school work. I am currently taking pathophysiology so hopefully that can help in some way or another. Any advice would be great!! Test taking skills would be great too. I am not the best test taker. I Sike myself out a lot. I can talk myself into any answer if I really tried which is horrible to say! If anyone knows some great skills that would be super helpful.

Another thing, do you get penalized for guessing? Or is it better to leave answers blank. Can we use our own calculator? Or will one pop up on te screen. Is there any breaks during the test? How long do we have to take the test exactly? I have heard it takes people around an hour to two. I will for sure take my time if I can to ensure I am confident in my answers that I'm giving. There are many questions I could ask! I do not want to worry too much. That could possibly impact how I test. It would be very helpful and make me feel relieved with the advice given to me. My school I'm applying to gives points for grades and working as a CNA so I am hoping that will help greatly. Please let me know any advice or experience you have with the Kaplan. I will utilize everyone's advice!!! I also am considering a tutor to help me out with studying. I like working with others so they can explain to me what I am doing wrong as far as for the math portion. Did anyone use tutors to help them?


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I took it this morning and passed. It was easier than I thought it'd be. I didn't start working on the Kaplan until this past Wednesday because I've been so busy with classes. Honestly, the math portion was the easiest of all the sections in my opinion. It was mostly fractions. Review how to add, divide, subtract, multiply fractions and also how to convert fractions to decimals, decimals to fractions, and percentage. Easy stuff, I promise! Reading is just that, reading. You read a passage and they ask you a few questions on what you read. Writing was mostly grammar. So know your punctuations and a few spelling. A few of the questions were, " which word is misspelled in this sentence? Does this sentence belong here?" The science portion was the hardest for me because I'm just starting AP 2 but I guessed a lot of the answers and still scored 82%, my lowest score of all the sections.

I know easier said than done but just calm down. It's not hard at all. Once you take it you'll see what I mean. You can DO it!!

Thank you for making me feel relieved! Haha. I was studying the Kaplan test book and there was a lot of analogy questions to study such as edifice: building is tome: book. Was there anything like that on the test? Also what types of science questions did you see?