Kaplan scores and NCLEX 2016

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Hello :)

While studying for the NCLEX I found myself constantly looking at this site to compare my Kaplan scores. I told myself I'd post my grades so students that are in the same position I was could hopefully feel at ease.

Kapan said to aim 60-65%...definitely not what I got every exam.

My scores were:

Question Trainers:

1) 66.7%

2) 61.3%

3) 51.0 %

4) 56%

5) 57.3%

6) 60%

7) 57.4%

Q bank sample tests:

1) 62%

2) 52%

3) 80%

4) 42.5 % (I didn't read two math questions that said not to round...def read each question thoroughly)

Readiness 67%

QBank avg: 62% with 250 questions left in the bank

I studied for about 2.5 weeks ( I had two of the test trainers completed before I really buckled down) while working full time. I wouldn't recommend it, but I found out I had a job opportunity after I'd already scheduled my shifts. I think 24 hours a week is do-able while studying.

I would come home after work, review my exam from the day before and take another Qbank 75 question exam. Ive never been one to write out my rationals, but once I did, whether I got the question right or wrong, my grades on the Qbanks went up almost immediately.

I was an A or B student in school..more B's than A's.

When I was at work I'd ask the nurses questions about electrolyte imbalances, disorders..anything. I'd think about their responses when I went into my next patients room.

I passed in 75 questions and started the new grad program at my hospital last week :)

My advice- take breaks! I'd get a score I wasn't happy with and try to redeem myself while I was still frustrated..which of course resulted in an even poorer score. Make sure to take time to exercise or do whatever makes you happy.

Stay positive...you've got this!!!