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I have been reading on this forum for some time and very seriously considering Kaplan for their ADN program. It seems to be the best option for me to get to my goal. However, I do have an appointment next week with a counselor or sales person whichever you prefer. I have noticed on here that some people have mentioned about having any medical experience or not. They require 6 months of experience or make you take a CNA or MA course, correct?

When I spoke to the lady on the phone she did ask me this, and I have several years as a Dental Assistant and said that didn't count but I would receive points for my BS degree (non medical field). She didn't mention anything about having to take a CNA or MA course, she's probably saving that for when I come in to lay that on me.

But, what I was thinking about over the past few days is that I used to volunteer at a hospital greeting patients and helping take them to their cars as they were discharged. I did it for almost a year. Do you think this would qualify?

I'd call and ask Kaplan but, the lady who is my rep is on vacation this year.

Also, can someone tell me the cost? I have all my GEs done with my Degree, but only took general bio because what I majored in wasn't science related at all. I'm just wondering what I should expect so I don't get the shock of my life when they tell me in person what it's going to cost.

Thank You in advance.

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