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Kaplan predictor test school policy

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Azusa Pacific University just changed the policy for BSN students: if you don't pass the Kaplan predictor test (you have two chances) you FAIL your preceptorship, and don't graduate with your class. Not only did the school fail to put this in writing or in the handbook, but they didn't even grandfather us in! Does anyone else have such policy at their school?


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Our exit exam has no bearing on if we pass a semester or the program in general. Whatever score we get just counts towards the proctored points total we have to get to pass the class before the remaining homework points get added.

I know that when programs change policies, they dont have to grandfather current students in with the old program policies, HOWEVER they do have to provide you with the new syllabus or student handbook (whichever the change came from) before the semester starts to inform you, then you sign that you understand the changes have been made. If you are in the middle of the semester and they just sprung this on you, dont paint a target on your back by saying something now. BUT, if you happen to fail twice, then you would definitely have a case for appealing the failure based on not being provided with a written copy of the change for you to sign.

Our school changed the program around a bit, and revised our student handbook over the summer. Nothing as drastic as the change to your program, but we were all required to read the updated version before the first day of class, then sign a form stating we read and understand the changes. If anyone refused to sign, they couldnt continue in the program.

Thats not right to jsut spring that on you guys like that when you are already stressed about passing test as it is.