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I just took my kaplan entrance exam for my program this morning and was pleasantly surprised with a 91%, so I figured I would share my tips and what I used to help other people taking this exam! I got 90+ in math, reading, and writing, and an 80 on science.

Reading: the reading on this exam was basic reading comprehension, no different than anything you did in high school english. You answer questions from a short story, like main idea, inferences, etc. For this section, the kaplan prep book is actually useful. English is my strong suit, so I just worked the practice tests in the prep book for this and it more than prepared me. It also has explanations for the correct answers.

Writing: I was pretty nervous about this section, as I didn't know what to expect. It was a lot of sentence or paragraph placement within a short story, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, etc. Review grammar/punctuation and follow your gut on this one. This section is easy to overanalyze on, but your gut is probably right!

Math: this was the easiest section for me (and math is my worst subject) but this was a lot of basic conversions, adding and multiplying fractions, basic math stuff. (ex. 3/4 = X% or 3/4 divided by 1/2) I also used the kaplan prep book for this one, but it wasn't super helpful, I would recommend kahn academy or something free.

Science: I was most nervous for the science, as I haven't taken A&P 2 yet, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I thought a lot of the questions were unfair and required some nursing knowledge, but whatever. They all focused on the systems that Kaplan said it would be on, like cardiovascular, renal, nervous, etc. For this one, know your basics about each system, how each system has a role in homeostasis, and know your brain lobes! The kaplan book was of absolutely 0 help, so don't even bother. I used google and googled "basics of the ______ system" for each system and sorted the info out into a word doc and then a quizlet set. I collected a lot of information from other people who had posted about the kaplan and wrote down everything they said to memorize, which helped tremendously! Kahn academy would also be a good resource for teaching yourself the info on this one. I also found a lot of quizlet sets. If you search "kaplan nursing entrance exam science" you should find a ton that other people have created!

Test strategies/tips: This morning, I woke up two hours earlier than my test to give myself adequate time to wake up, prep, and get ready. I started by drinking a lot of water and taking a 10 minute walk around the block, then I ate a good breakfast and reviewed my notes until I had to leave. I think this helped a lot, as I'm not fully functional in the morning and giving myself time to wake up made a world of difference. I also recommend reading something and reviewing your notes before the test. Your test shouldn't be the first thing you read that day, your brain needs to warm up too! I was incredibly anxious when I started my test and I thought I was going to faint for a minute, it's a lot of pressure, but relaxing will allow you to think more clearly. Make sure you reassure yourself during your test and I recommend taking breaks between each section to go to the bathroom, get water, or clear your head.

Hello, thank you for the info! Those are great scores! How long did you study in preparation for the exam? I will be taking the exam in just a few short months, and I am in the same boat of not yet completing A&P II in time for the exam, which makes me nervous for the science portion.

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