Kapiolani ADN Spring 2022

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Did anyone apply to KCC’s ADN program for Spring 2022? Wondering what your stats were?

Also want to use this thread to find out if people receive their decision letters!


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my response below! still trying to get used to this forum haha



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Hey Shonaline! 

I applied for KCC's ADN program for Spring 2022 as well. My stats are: 

Prereq: All A's except 1 B 
Coreq: All A's

Experience: None

TEAS: 88.7% 

I just got my mail last week and I'm listed as an alternate. Here's hoping to everyone who applied! 

Edit: Just got off the phone with someone from the nursing department. They said they're looking at only 12 students for Spring 2022, but since the world is expected to return back to normal from COVID, they might accept more like 18. She said it honestly depends on whether their clinical practice sites open up for more room so that more students can come in. They might or might not be available since it all depends on COVID numbers and the general climate of things. With that said though, she also stated everything is still up in the air and it honestly depends on whether or not people choose other schools/programs. So we're back at square 1 again with more waiting. 

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