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Please sign the petition to change Kansas Board of Nursing's decision regarding licensure of Excelsior students. The board is meeting March 16th so it is critical that we get a lot of signatures.





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Keep it up Jamie009! Lots of us are with you. Do whatever it takes to PERSONALLY attend that meeting March 16th. Do your homework. Don't rely on a petition. Get an attorney to attend with you. Get the numbers from the board of how many Excelsior grads are currently practicing in KS. Get the list of disciplined nurses and break it down by school to show that Excelsior grads are as safe as any other. Make sure that every excelsior student and grad you know in KS not only shows up, but speaks!! Take your CPNE study guide (The Carjack), show it to the board and ask if any of them would be comfortable taking the CPNE. With a lot of work, it just might change things. If it fails, then it's on to the courthouse!

We'll be cheering for you.

"First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win."


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