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  1. Hi everyone. I am planning on moving to topeka later this year and am starting to do some research on the hospitals in the area. The two that my mother in law has mentioned are Stormont-Vail and St francis (she lives in topeka) but I don't really know anything about them other than what is on their pages, which of course is never the whole story. I was wondering what are your opinions of these hospitals, other choices ect.
    Also I was wondering on pay. I will have almost 4 years experience on med surg and ortho floors, am currently making 27 dollars an hour in the Seattle area. I have worked at two hospitals both around 3-400 beds. Thanks in advance for your help. It can be so overwhelming to try and make such a major decision.
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  3. by   tparks
    I worked at stormont on the ortho, post-surgical, and trauma unit the patient load can be very demanding at times. typically there are 8-10 patients between an RN, LPN, and PCT. The RN and LPN split the patients but the RN must validate the LPNs assessment. You work 12 hour shifts which start at 642 and you cannot clock out until 718 but typically don't clock out until 745-800 because of the length of time it takes to give report. some days are slow with few surgeries and discharges and other days you have no time to sit and chart. All charting is on the computer except for drs orders which are on paper and a ward clerk puts them into the computer. Pay for an LPN is 13.67 - 18 I believe and RNs start at 22 -32 you get basically 30 cents per year of experience and they have a retention ladder where you have to join groups to increase your wage. The hospital is trying to get magnet status and just had a site visit last month. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask! Hope that helps!
  4. by   Jayhawk4Life
    I would go with Stormont-Vail. It has numerous clinics throughout northeastern KS. It is always expanding. Right now the new ER/trauma/ICU is being built and is due to be completed in July. Also, I am just not a big fan of St. Francis because of how some the treatment members of my extended family have recieved from there. I may be a little biased though because I work there, as do my dad, stepmom, and cousin.
    Good luck