Please Write To KSBN

  1. Please help recent Excelsior graduates to get the ksbn decision changed. If their decision does not change we must repeat the year over or be forced into another profession. Write to the governor, & ksbn board members expressing your opinion why they should change their decision. Unfortunately this affects us all, because Kansas is trying to make Excelsior degrees worthless, and with the nursing shortages already, this will decrease the amount of new grads. As nurses we know that distance education is the way of the future and Excelsior college is the beginning of it all.

    Here are there emails:

    Here is the emails of the governor & ksbn members if anyone is willing to write: (Just fill in the comment form),,,,,,,,,,,wall...n.s,
    (These are all the board members for Kansas Board of Nursing, I just sent one email to all of them, copy & paste their names into your email)

    Thanks to anyone who is willing to help.

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