Online CNA classes

  1. Has anyone taken their CNA classes online? The CNA classes I have seen offered would really throw off my entire spring schedule... but the online classes seem like they might not be so bad. The one i'm looking at is through JCCC and there is still 1 all day class that meets which wouldn't be bad at all.

    Anyone taken one and liked/disliked it? if so do you take online classes regularly?

    Ive only taken 1 online class before, and it was art history and it was in the summer... and I ended up dropping it (i think it was because i didn't like the class, not because it was online)

    I was also thinking it would work really well to take the classes over the summer but haven't seen any summer schedules available w/ CNA classes posted, are they offered over the summer?

    Any help is appreciated! thanks.
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  3. by   29deba
    I think there are a lot of classes for the summer but I don't think the schedule are out yet, the schedule normaly comes out around winter-spring.
    Clinicals hours are very important, but I don' know how you can possibly do it online

    Good luck
  4. by   Lauren3787
    there would still be clinicals... half the class would be online and then one day a week for 2 months or so you have to meet (for clinicals i assume)

    I didn't know if it was just a lot harder to absorb the information if it wasn't given to you buy an instructor ... or if it was the was basic and could be done easily online.