Nursing schools near Ft. Leavenworth?

  1. Hello! We just found out we are moving to Ft. Leavenworth, KS (Army) in August. With my youngest son entering Kindergarten in the fall, I would like to return to school for Nursing. I already have a Bachelors in Communication/Psychology. What school options do I have in the area? My gpa was always pretty high, so I'm not too worried in that regard. I also know we will only be there for 2.5-3 years and I need to do the science prereqs. Its so frustrating! If I just aim for an ADN at a community college, can you recommend which school? Or would St. Mary's accelerated BSN be the only option? It is expensive and I'm concerned with having two children and no family help in the area... I would love to hear any school options in the area, or any advice at all, thank you so much!
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    Hi Rockysocks,

    I know you posted this several months ago but I'm wondering what you decided to do? We moved to FTLV a few months ago and I am in a similar boat - bachelors in business with a 3.53, looking to fulfill the science pre-reqs and apply to USM's ABSN and their traditional program. I know it is competitive and they have few slots, but it seems like a great program and the location cannot be beat. It is pricey but I will be using my husband's GI Bill. I'd love to connect with you if you're still working towards nursing school.
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    Hi!!! So I ended up doing my first semester of prereqs at Kansas City Kansas Community College and it worked out perfectly! I was able to take Biology and Chemistry right at the Leavenworth campus in downtown Leavenworth (8 minutes from post!). I also took Nutrition online and that went really well too! In the spring I will have to drive to the main campus for Microbiology, but I think it's only about 30 minutes away (I've never had to go to the main campus yet for anything). And I will take Anatomy at Leavenworth campus. Then Physiology in the summer. I went and visited USM and they were very helpful and kind. Arrange to take a tour and they will give you a ton of good information and you will meet the Nursing dept directors while you are there. I'm going to apply to enter the traditional program for next fall but since i won't have all my prereqs done yet I will be at a slight disadvantage but I'm not too worried. I will miss the cutoff this year to apply for the Accelerated program because of my prereqs timeline, so I will do that if I don't get into the Traditional. Both options will finish at the same time then for me (Summer 2017), so I'd rather go to traditional school for 2yrs and have some calmness, than take a year off waiting and then kill myself in the Accelerated program for a year, KWIM? And they told me that the Accelerated program is very rigorous and can be very hard if you have kids. The school is expensive and that is definitely going to be rough, but all of your school options around here aside from KCKCC are all in the same ballpark cost wise. I wanted to consider other schools, and there are several, but they are all 45min to an hour away and that is too far for me. And since clinicals can be up to 50 miles from campus, if it's in the other direction that could make attending a Kansas City area school a very long commute. My only other backup plan is to get the ADN through KCKCC and then get the BSN later. This option is VERY cost effective but doesn't work well for my timeline. But definitely consider taking your prereqs here. The Leavenworth campus is very convenient and I liked my teachers, and USM transfers these credits without problem. I just signed up for Micro, Micro Lab and Anatomy with Lab for next semester and my bill was $870. Let me know if you need anything!!
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    Great to know, thanks! I've actually been talking to Emily, the Program Coordinator this morning. She looked at what I plan on taking through KCKCC and said everything will transfer fine. I did ask her though, about the traditional track, how long it would take someone who already has a bachelors, and here's what she said:
    The TR takes everyone the same amount of time regardless of whether they already have a degree or not. It may take students differing amounts of time to complete the pre-reqs, but once in the program, everyone takes the same courses in the four semester sequence. Does that make sense?

    So I interpreted that as it would take the 4 years, just without the pre-reqs, but that the nursing courses are only offered in sequence, so it wouldn't be able to be completed in 2 years. What do you think? I was hoping that the traditional track would be doable in 2 years for me, also, but now I'm not sure.

    I too looked at other surrounded BSN programs but I can't do a 45+ minute commute every day, and couldn't imagine doing that for an ABSN. USM is expensive, but I think it's the best option if I can get in :-)

    That's really great to hear about KCKCC. I'm registering for Anatomy + Lab and Human Development for this Spring. Taking one online and the other in Leavenworth. It is so convenient. I did look at doing USM's pre-nursing program, but I can't swallow the $13k it would cost for pre-reqs alone. Paying out of pocket for classes at KCKCC can't be beat.

    I'd love to connect with you outside of the forums. I can't send PMs yet but feel free to email me at It'd be really nice to know someone who is headed in the same direction.

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    Oh and also, another concern I had was that the pre-reqs for the traditional track differ from the accelerated, so there would be some additional classes I would have to take.
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    So I took a longer look at the traditional track with USM. I'll be honest, I hadn't downloaded the program outline as I have been focused on the accelerated requirements...but I see what you're saying. Looks like all of the gen ends and pre-reqs are the first two years, so if we have those satisfied, then it would just be the junior and senior years nursing core classes that we would need, right? I may explore that option as I too am a little apprehensive about the rigors of the ABSN, with a young child at home and the likelihood that my husband will take an unaccompanied tour out of the country at some point while I am back in school. Lots to think about.
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    Yes, I was just going to say that for a traditional student, their first two years would be general education and the junior/senior years would be the nursing portion. So that is the only two years you will have to worry about. Your prereqs plus two years of nursing school is what you will do. I would love to connect with you and will send you my contact info to your email! Thanks for reaching out, we are in the same boat. And yes, regarding different prereq requirements for traditional vs ABSN, I had to deal with that as well. I chose NOT to take the combo Anatomy and Physiology that was required for the Accelerated because almost every other school wants the two semester separate A&P courses. So I would rather just cover all my bases now up front. Which is why I also threw Nutrition in there at mid semester. (I took an online course that was condensed into just the second half of the full semester because I realized I could handle it). Not all schools require it but many do so I just took it. St. Mary's wants me to take another Humanities class as well for the Traditional route, but not for the Accelerated. My head spins trying to keep track of it all! Anyways, I'll send u my email. Maybe we will be in Anatomy together at Leavenworth next semester?!