KCKCC Fall 2017 LPN program

  1. Is anyone going to be starting the practical nursing program at kckcc with me in the next couple weeks!?
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  3. by   danielasims
    hey hey, I am supposed to be finishing in the Fall BUT I am expecting a little one so I will most likely finish with your class in the Spring. READ AHEAD!!!!! best advice I got. Med Surg especially. I ordered the book ahead of time and lord is it big.
  4. by   Imelissajones
    Awesome! I have a son who is a year and a half old! When are you due!? Do you have any tips for me to do before I start the program? I have the fundamentals book but don't even knonwhat to start reading. Lol
  5. by   danielasims
    Fundamentals wasn't really hard for me. Make sure to highlight main points in the book. They will assign chapters. I took geriatrics online ( ask if you can too... makes life easier). Also assessment class you could have taken prior to program.... it will be hard so make sure to practice all of those assessments. I have my notecards still somewhere. Then there's maternal child class and mental health class. Those were a bit hard because for mental health they focused on medications for disorders. Just really read ahead and pay attention to what they tell you to memorize in lecture.

    Oh and I'm due October 2nd
  6. by   Imelissajones
    I am hoping fundamentals won't be too hard for me, I have been pretty nervous about everything lol. I have experience as a CNA working in a hospital so I am hoping that will help me in some way! I am taking geriatrics online and was really hoping that was not a bad decision, I'm glad to hear it made it easier for you! Thank you so much for your advice! Congrats on your baby, they grow so fast. October is alsoa good birthday party month, my son's birthday is in November and I just have to hope it doesn't snow! lol
  7. by   danielasims
    No problem! Best wishes to you as well. I have hospital experience too and it helps a ton. We got this.