JCCC RN program

  1. Anyone else anxiously waiting to hear if they got an interview for the '11 Fall start for JCCC RN Program?
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  3. by   PaigeAlayne
    I am!!! Still haven't heard anything, have you received a letter yet?
  4. by   edewalt
    I haven't heard anything either! I was starting to freak out that perhaps I just haven't recieved the letter or something.. they're supposed to send us a letter whether we get an interview or not, correct? Keep me posted if anyone gets theirs! I'm getting nervous!
  5. by   Charesa
    Someone I took Chemistry with got a rejection letter yesterday saying her GPA wasnt high enough....so I guess we wait! I didnt get a rejection letter.....Im so incredibly on edge! And I am sure it will be 10 times worse if I get an interview, waiting to hear the results of that!!!!

    Sorry it took me so long to come back! I had forgotten my password!
  6. by   edewalt
    It's fine, I didn't really expect any sort of responses! I haven't gotten a rejection letter either, hopefully this is a good sign!! I checked the mail today, and there was indeed a letter from JCCC, so of course my heart was racing.. It was a letter talking about graduation! Talk about getting my hopes up
    Hopefully good news will be coming soon for all three of us, although you are my competition Let me know if you get yours, and good luck!!
  7. by   Charesa
    Lol, yeah but there are 64 spots, right... I had the same feeling when I got that letter. Hopefully we will get the interview letter soon! What classes are you in this spring? I'm taking psych, sociology, and int communication.....hard to concentrate lately!
  8. by   edewalt
    I'm only taking two classes online, Child Development and Health and Wellness. I have nothing left to take except a humanitites elective and the five core nursing classes, so if for some reason I don't get in, I'm in big trouble!! Did you do well on your ACT? That was weird re-taking that test.. I haven't seen a lot of that stuff since high school!!
  9. by   Charesa
    Yeah, I'm in the same boat... After this summer, I won't have anything left to take either.... I did ok I guess on act.... I got a 25 ....not the greatest, but I do have a 4.0 so I hope that's good enough....
    Hope we hear something soon!
  10. by   edewalt
    I messed up my GPA when I was at KU, too much fun, not enough studying! So my overall gpa isn't the greatest, but my juco gpa is pretty good. I got a 27 on the ACT, but with my GPA not being as high, I hope that's enough too! I hope we both get an interview and we both get in Good luck to you!!
  11. by   PaigeAlayne
    Hi again! Still no letter! Nervous but not getting my hopes up, I know there are a lot of qualified applicants but not very many spots. Let me know when you hear something!
  12. by   Charesa
    you are right - thats so true...Hopefully by the end of this week we will hear something?? Have a great week ladies!
  13. by   edewalt
    Still haven't heard anything either.. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something, as long as you do the same for me! Thank you for posting to my relpies though, you're calming my nerves a lot because I thought maybe there was something wrong with the postal service, as I have changed my address since I sent in my application.. I thought maybe there was some confusion or something. So thanks again I'll let you know as soon as I get something!
    Don't be nervous; you have a fantastic GPA, your ACT score is good, and you've completed almost all the other class requirements! You'll be fine
  14. by   Charesa
    Youre so sweet! Let me tell you, I feel better already chatting with others in the same boat!!! Im so obsessive though, this is all that Ive been thinking about! - Ill let you know if/when I get a letter!!!!
    Have a good afternoon!