Is the employment market really this bad?

  1. I moved from Hawaii to KC area about a month ago, I knew the market wasn't great, but I figured I wouldn't have a huge problem getting a job since I saw jobs advertised in my field (L&D) at several of the local hospitals. One month later and about 15 applications later I finally have a job, but it doesn't start for another month, is a further drive than I hoped for (30 minutes), and I haven't heard one thing from any of the other applications I have put in for L&D jobs from any of the other hospitals. I thought I would be a pretty darn good candidate since I have my RNC, 4 years experience, good references, etc. I am not even making it to the interview stage, the recruiters aren't even bothering to call me, I keep checking the status of my applications on the hospital HR sites, and I go from application processed to "you have not been selected for this position" without ever being contacted, what's up with that? Are there so many people with even more experience in the field applying that someone with pretty decent qualifications doesn't even get an interview? Just venting here, I just cannot believe how bad this is, and can't imagine how people are coping in other job fields which have even fewer openings.
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  3. by   tparks
    Hospitals in this area like to "promote from within" and L&D is a highly sought after position so typically you have to work at that hospital to get an interview. Maybe you could apply for other areas to get your foot in the door at a hospital near you. Sorry. Hope you land your dream job.