I'm Pregnant. Can i get a job?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am new to this site & don't know where to post my thread. If this is a wrong forum please excuse me & if possible kindly answer my question.

    I'm an overseas nurse from philiphines, got RN one month ago. we (myself & my husband) living in Kansas state. i got married 1 year ago & came here. before that i was working in philiphines & UK (3 years), got total 7 years of Neuro surgical ICU. Now i passed NCLEX-RN, CGFNS, IELTS & received my RN from Kansas board of nursing last week.

    I'm 2-3 months pregnant now. Is that possible to get a job when i'm pregnant or is there any restrictions. I really need a job. So kindly tell me am i eligible to work as a RN in kansas & which hospitals will you suggest for me. Because as i said earlier, i'm new to this country, state & the hospitals. And one more question i didn't work for an year, because of visa problems & exams. everything cleared now. Is there any problem in getting a job due to this one year break period?

    Please give me some ideas.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Darth Nightingale
    It is illegal for a hospital to not hire you because you are pregnant. Nurses having babies is a constant issue in the Nursing world and hospitals can and do work around it.

    My generic career advice to everyone about everything is this, "Always try. Make them tell you no... don't you tell yourself no. especially when you have nothing to lose" This works seems to work well"

    Best of luck,