How difficult to get license back?

  1. I have an RN BSN from 1991. I haven't worked in 8 years. I'm thinking about trying to get my license back because of our poor financial situation. Has anyone done this? Would I be able to handle it now? Some people are telling me I won't be able to handle it because I haven't worked in so long. Any opinions? I've looked into South Dakota online and the local Johnson County Community college reentry, and the SD online looks a little quicker. Any comments, suggestions welcome. I live in the KC area, what hospital should I look at? Thanks, Maureen
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  3. by   chemonurse
    Try contacting the Kansas State Board of Nursing. Good Luck.
  4. by   meanestmomever
    My BSN is from 1981 and I haven't worked since having children in 1986! Our financial picture started changing a few years ago and I took a refresher at Avila. I guess that was its last class.

    The mistake I made, I think, was going back during my refresher clinicals to what I had originally loved... being where the "action was!" For me that was hearts... telemetry, CT stepdown, ICU/CCU. I quickly got scared off and haven't considered nursing again...until now...

    Financial picture continues to worsen, and the clincher was when I had to take a "test" on an application for a scrapbooking store:
    What type of adhesives do you use?
    Name 3 of the best-selling scrapbooking magazines.
    There were more along this line...
    Mind you, this was my first venture back into the Job World after 21 years as a Stay-at-Home mom! And they wanted me to work Mondays, and every other Sat & Sun.... for $7.50/hr. Suddenly I'm determined to utilize my degree somehow!

    So, first thing had to come to terms with my strengths and weaknesses TODAY. I do not have the drive that I did in 1981! I have enough stress at home right now with finances, husband with new job, 2 teenagers, 1 kid at college and a 10 year old. And we are all used to me being at home/on call.

    So, I just discovered Olathe Medical Center has a ton of clinic nursing positions. I didn't realize they were tied in to so many clinics. Anyway, I hope I can maybe EASE back into nursing. We'll see.

    My story may not be at all helpful for you... 8 years seems like nothing to me! I haven't researched re-entry programs recently, didn't know JCCC offered one now. Anount of time in clinical was very important for me. How do the on-line re-entries handle that?

    I do know that since I re-newed, re-entered, re-paid or whatever you call it for my KS license, and it once again expired, I have 5 years to catch up on ceus to get it current again. (Oh Jeeez.... In digging out my license to check when I completed the refresher I discovered I must have also renewed my MO license at that time. Let's see, it expired in 2003... I didn't even remember doing that! See why I wonder about nursing??? Well, I guess that just opened up the job market some more... now what do I have to do in MO?!?!?!) Anyway, I hope to get my ceus in an area I'll be working.

    I'm new to the site but found it helpful just to talk a.k.a. whine/complain to others.

    Good Luck and I'd be happy to share notes!
  5. by   KnarfKS
    The instructor who runs the RN refresher courseat JCCC is awesome. She quit teaching the main program for the most part so she could begin the refresher course the year I graduated. She would definately ease you back into things.