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  1. What is the hot 2011 study material for NCLEX PN, I have been away for awhile and have just returned to the usa, graduated nursing school in 08 & tested once (failed) then had to go away for a bit, now Iam testing in Dec 2011, any help i can get i would be very gratefull.
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  3. by   heathert_kc
    The best all around exam review that just about everyone recommended to me was kaplan, they have in person or interactive online courses. They are about 14 hours classes with tons of review questions. I did not personally take the review class for my NCLEX-PN, but they offer one for the RN boards and I am considering taking it this time around. I hear it is pretty pricey at least for the comprehensive review like $250 for the online and $400 for the in person class for LPN, more for RN. I am only considering the possibility of taking such a class but if I had been out of school as long as you, reviewing questions and looking at books can only help so much as those things aren't fresh in your mind. I got review books from the library and even bought two, and just reviewed questions from the books and CDroms, they are really a great tool as even when you get them wrong it reviews the rationales as to why the other is a more appropriate answer or why your answer was incorrect.

    Be sure to contact the Kansas state board of nursing as I am not sure of their rules on waiting so long to retest, if you have not already done so.

  4. by   tucker144
    Thank you LTC. I took the Kaplen after school it did work I only missed it by 1 question, the reason I know this is because I read if you go the dstance and dont hit it you missed the vry last question,(CRAP). I did contact the KSBN & a good thing i did I had to submitte a petition along with a 10 page report with why I deserve to test, anyway they approved it, but thanks for the heads up. Dept of corrections huh? does the LTC stand for what I think it does? Sir! just a Sgt here on this end. Anyway thanks for the info.
  5. by   heathert_kc
    Did you mean that you think that I am a lt colonel?? I am no lieutenant anything, considered military service at one point, but I am still young so who knows.

    LTC stands for the most common place of employment for LPNs, which is long term care, a.k.a. nursing homes. I have only worked at one, though it has been mostly full time for the last two years. Prior to that I did indeed work in a prison, if you need a job once you pass ur test it really isn't a bad place to look, not too difficult and they tend to pay better.

    You know it took me the longest time to figure out what on earth you were talking about. If you are trully a service member than it is I who salutes you and thanks you for your service to our country.
  6. by   tucker144
    Hello again. Yep thats what I was thinkin(Colonel) after I sent the message I thought again if you were a Colonel would,nt you be a Doc? Sure has been awhile come back to the real world and you still have that stuff on your mind, at least here no one is shootin at you. Thought about workin corrections, but even there your lookin over your shoulder, and no saluting here I work for a livin, grabbed a job here at the va medical center. Thanks for the write back made me laugh too and scratch my bald head.
  7. by   tucker144
    OOOOOOO Just rememberd that smell of LTC from when I was doin clinicals, even on the wkend when you were at home. Smells like that to in the feild.
  8. by   heathert_kc
    Well congrats on the job. I never saw myself working LTC either, but I work for the most amazing facility: good company, they treat us well, matched my prison pay, good nurse to pt ratio, and best of all it is clean (doesn't have that aweful smell!). SO I can't complain.

    Good luck
  9. by   tucker144
    Good mornin Heather. Have a super GR8 day & that sounds like an amazing place to work for. Just curious what made you quit corrections?
  10. by   heathert_kc
    Well, it was a terrible commute... which I got tired of quick. Plus it required me to work rotating 12 hour shifts. I liked the 12 hour shifts and shorter week, but the rotating schedule made going back to school pretty much impossible and the prereques I had left weren't things I could do or wanted to do online (micro with lab & algebra, etc). Ultimately it worked out for the best as I am (GOD WILLING) going to finish my RN this semester.

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