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  1. hi! my name is jennifer and i am trying to start a career. i'm 19 years old just wondering where i can go to get a cna licence and cpr licence, i'm looking to go to mahatten technicle college and get a lpn, but i need those two things before i can get accepted into the nurisng school.

    does naybody know if ft. riley provides cna classes? or should i just check out retuirment facilties i mean my boyfriend works maitence at st. joseph's via christa.

    help please.....
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  3. by   KatieBell
    OK, I am not from Kansas, but I can help you out.

    Both things you need are not licenses. They are certifications- it might not seem like a big difference, but it is one and can make some people testy if you state you have a license for CNA...(Plus it will give them ample opportunity to make some nasty comments to you).

    To be certified for CPR- you can go on line and search for American heart Association. They will list classes in your area. You will want your CPR class done by the American Heart and you will not want the "Heartsaver" class- you will want the Health Care provider class.

    To find CNA classes in your area- you can possibly get them at your local techinal college or through a nursing home. The Nursing home will expect you to work for them after if they provide a free class. The technical college of course will expect you to pay for it. Since it is a requirement for the school- you can call the school and they will have a list of places to get certified in your area.