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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just found out that the army will be moving us to Kansas. I'm already in a nursing program and so upset about having to move now. I would like to start a LPN program as soon as possible. I'm looking at KAW area Technical School and Kansas City Tech school. Has anyone heard anything about these programs? Thanks..
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  3. by   meka_80
    I thought about going to these schools as well, but it was to far to drive. You are coming to Ft Riley? If so, it is about a 1 hour drive to KAW. They accept twice a year where as the closet school MATC only accepts in Aug. I wish you all the success when you get here. Also check out Barton when you get to Ft Riley they offer certain free classes so that a spouse or member may receive an Associates degree. I hope that I was some help.
  4. by   meka_80
    Are you coming to Ft Riley? If so then you will have about a one hour drive to KAW I am not sure about the other school. I faced the same problem that you are going into. There is a closer school of that is what you want but they only accept once a year in Aug.
    On Fort Riley they do have a college (Barton) that helps you to receive an Associated Degree for free. I am not sure if you have that or not. I wish you all the luck and success on your career. Sorry that I could not help more on the colleges.
  5. by   queenjean
    I'm surprised that there aren't any more schools closer to Junction City; I'd check out your options more thoroughly before driving to Topeka (or KC!) for your LPN. A lot of community colleges offer a two level RN program; the first year of the RN program is an LPN program, the second year completes your RN. You don't have to go on after the first year if you don't want to (this is what I did, initially).
  6. by   kamelkillr
    If you are still on your way to Ft. Riley there is a school in Salina, Brown Mackie. I understand what you are going through, I was active for 15 years and tried to complete at least my pre. req's. NO SUCH LUCK! I eventually left the service only to get stuck following my husband for 2 additional years. i am now on my way to completing LPN then, with luck, my RN next year.

    Best of luck!
  7. by   queenjean
    There is a nurse where I work who just graduated from Manhattan technical college; their program is apparently biphasic. The first year is your LPN year, the second is your RN. Manhattan would be a whole lot closer to Ft. Riley than any of the options mentioned so far.
  8. by   kamelkillr
    It is closer but the wait list is 3x longer then Brown Mackie. There are so many of us who started out at MATC with intentions of staying there but were disappointed with the actual wait list. When I initially interview with MATC I was informed by the admissions guide that I would start the fall LPN program (fall of 06) after taking the ONLY pre. req. that I needed I later found I was 139 on the waiting list. Not the acceptance list, but waiting list.
    The instructors at BMC are available 24/7 and will stay after class for additional help. MATC's view is less students equals less responsibility. Maybe a hands off instructor works for you, for me.. I want someone involved and showing me how to do things.

    Best of luck,
  9. by   queenjean
    Maybe the OP has a higher GPA, more experience, whatever it takes to put herself higher on their list; I don't really know how MTC decides who gets in and who doesn't. It wouldn't hurt her to apply. It is worth noting that BM has a lower board pass rate than MTC, particularly for RN boards.

    Here's a link to the KSBN websites list of board pass rates; if nothing else, you can find the names of all the LPN and RN programs in the state and see if any others are close to you.
  10. by   kamelkillr
    That is true.... I was unaware of the pass rate with BM verses MATC. I thought about applying for the RN program after I finish the LPN with BM, only because the cost of gas is killing our budget.

    GPA plays a part on the list but there are so many people applying and only one SMALL school to accommodate everyone. Its too bad there are no other local options for nursing students.

    Thanks for the info!!!
  11. by   kamelkillr
    Hey! Let me know when you get to Riley, there are a group of us nursing students that get together and help each other transition into life at Riley.

    Take care and best of luck!!
  12. by   moonlillie
    We are moving to Ft. Riley also. What are the different nursing schools? I look at Cloud Community? Im confused to what is close and accepting!Help!!