Anyone know when JCCC will send letters for Fall '07 ADN???

  1. I'm getting antsy! Just curious if anyone has a heads up on when the letters might be coming? Its becoming a big event to go to the mailbox each day...
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  3. by   SweetLife
    I don't know either, but I am also getting ansy. Please, please please post when you receive your letter.

  4. by   momma&nurse2B
    I will defintely post when I get my letter. Just curious, have you applied to anywhere else in the area? Best of luck to you!
  5. by   SweetLife
    no, I haven't applied anywhere else. I guess I am putting all my eggs in one basket so to speak. If I don't get in I will keep working where I am and just try again. How about you, have you applied anywhere else?
  6. by   momma&nurse2B
    I have been accepted at KU, but I am really interested in JCCC's its driving me super crazy to not know when they are sending letters! I'll be out of town this if you get your letter tomorrow, please post so I'll have a heads up! Best of luck!
  7. by   SweetLife
    Well, I have not rec'd anything yet- how about you?
  8. by   momma&nurse2B
    Nothing new in my mailbox I actually ran into a girl today who is just about to graduate from JCCC's RN program and she said she didn't remember getting her letter until AFTER spring break. She also thought she was pretty sure that she didn't get her acceptance letter until MAY! Guess I should quit getting excited when I go to the mailbox!
  9. by   momma&nurse2B
    Letters should be in the mail!
  10. by   SweetLife
    I got mine today. Thanks for posting
  11. by   sfarage
    Hi how are you all? I received my letter for JCCC '07 RN program Thursday 3-15 and set up an interview for 3-29. Pretty nervous about the interview since they only take 50% of the ones they do interview.
  12. by   momma&nurse2B
    My interview is 9 am Friday the 23rd...I'm quite nervous as well! Good luck to you!
  13. by   sfarage
    Thanks same to you. If we both get in we will have to swap ideas on how to balance kids and school. I think that is what I worry about more than anything.
  14. by   momma&nurse2B
    Definitely. I'm with you on that! I want to be a nurse, but I still want my job as a mom to be a priority. I worry that I won't be able to sucessfully balance everything. But, alot of moms and dads have juggled it before and survived so I'm sure we can too I have a 3 year old...what about you?