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Does anyone know the schedule for the upcoming school year? i.e. When do we start? Winter break, etc.


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They haven't sent the schedule out yet. I talked to some of the Junior students and they said we'd be starting at the end of August, and most likely the first class will be at Cal-Fullerton, with the bulk of the weekly classes in Pasadena. No clue when our winter break starts...have to wait and see the official schedule. I heard the secretary will send us a list of names of everyone in the class. It'll be nice to see who's in our class and I'll be checking to see who's going to get a roommate close to the Pasadena area.

I hope school doesnt start too early in August....I'm making a trip down to Brazil for 10 days. Need to get the partying and fun out of the way before hell starts...


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From what I know, classes start at CSUF on Monday, August 23 (one day a week) and the program in Pasadena starts the day after Labor Day (which would be Tuesday, September 7).

See you guys soon! (I'll be easy to spot, I look just like my baby!)



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does anyone know if there are any breaks between semesters or is it truly 24 continuous months?


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we got a month for xmas after semester one.

we get a week between spring and summer, week of memorial day

not sure of the rest.


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