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So...I'm heading to southern CA. My company has it in with Kaiser, so my recruiter is pushing for Kaiser hospital in San Diego. I have heard horror stories about Kaiser Oakland/LA, but nothing and San Diego. Anyone have experiences with Kaiser. I am pretty laid back and am okay with floating every four hours, taking the heaviest patients, but just don't want to be placed in a dangerous "out of my scope of practice" situation.



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Kaiser can be tought to work for. Just know the first two weeks are always the hardest with orientation and adapting to the floor. Kaiser does float a lot. Good luck.

i would jump at the chance to work at Kaiser in San Diego. Yes, it's a demanding place, but they are very committed to excellence in practice. Many, many fine nurses and more and more physician-nurse collaborative practice experiences happening there. Go for it. San Diego is a great place to live too!


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I worked at Kaiser in L.A. and it didn't seem like they were committed to excellence in care. I then went to Kaiser in Redwood City and it was a great place to work. I am considering going to San Diego in Dec and right now only Kaiser hospitals are posting for winter needs. Is Kaiser San Diego really a good place to work? In L.A., I felt like a number and not a person! Thanks!