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i'm newish and just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has obviously spent such a long time posting info up here...i went to med school to be a neonatologist and 1 semester in am switching to nursing school...in australia we don't have an internship in neonat, the normal route is to become a midwife first and move over...so i've got a few years before i hit the NICU but i can't wait.

i worked in an NICU in india and loved every single minute of it...

i've loved reading this forum...the love that everyone has for their work is so obvious and the stories are just loveley...i've been sitting and crying and giggling and i think my housemate is a little worried i've lost my mind!

anyway, just wanted to say thankyou...




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How interesting that you will become a midwife first! I've really enjoyed hearing from our international nurses and students over the years to get their perspective on the NICU!

Good luck to you :)

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