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Just wanted to say Hey

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Hi guys!

My name is Adam. I've been reading this forum for a while now and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 25 years old vietnamese guy who lives in Arden/Asheville, NC. I love just about everything. Sports, making stuff, singing, playing piano, video games, running, lifting, hanging out with friends, and anything involving nature. I'm an ESFJ "The Caregiver" and Type 2 Enneagram "The Helper." I recently just got into doing personality assessments. They are great. I love helping people and I get alot of satisfaction in attending the needs of others. Being an ESFJ and Type 2, I'm really in tune to the psychological, emotional, and social nee I know being a nurse is going to be some tough @$$ $h!t, but I think thats what my life's calling is and something I should devote all my time and energy into doing.

I should have applied back when I was in college. But instead I got my BA in Nutrition and Dietetics. It may help it may not. I'm not too worried about it...besides the $40,000 in student loans I owe. Nutrition is a great field to have knowledge of. You would be surprised how much people do NOT know about nutrition. Even the most basic nutrition knowledge. I think it may help with nursing school. My best friend Brian is halfway through his ADN school. He is coaching me through the application process.

Right now I'm working in pharmaceutical sales. It's alright, but I definately am going to work towards nursing school. I have a good knowledge of pharmaceuticals also. I guess Nutrition and Pharmacy knowledge will provide good "wings" for me in nursing school and as a nurse. But lets slow down and take baby steps.

I'm applying for Blue Ridge Community College, in Flat Rock in North Cackalackee this Fall. The deadline is in the end of February. God I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Besides the general whirlwind of chaos with the holidays and what not, I had to apply to the college, get all the requirements together, transcripts, immunizations. I also had to get my CNA, my CPR, and register for the teas. I'm broker than a joke right now. My backup if I don't get into BRCC is applying for Mercy School of Nursing with the CMC systems in Charlotte, NC.

Its funny though because I have never wanted something so badly in my life. I've always liked the idea of being a nurse. I have that warm, charismatic, sincere, affectionate personality. I am generally good at putting people at ease, making them feel comfortable. Especially kids. I love kids. Oh yeah did I say I almost got my Masters in Science Education and taught for a year? I guess that will help me with pediatrics, but I have always played well with kids. I'm like a golden retriever. I've worked at several summer camps in my days. Mom's tend to love me too. Maybe my science education path will help me a little bit here and there when talking to kids and parents who knows.

Oh yeah I have ADHD. Still thinking about which area to go in...but thats what clinicals are for right? Really like the idea of working with children, or in the NICU. I like long term care and getting to know my patients but I like diversity and a little bit of chaos too. Thanks for reading my mumbo jumbo. I'm sure I will be asking alot of questions for the next few years.

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