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So, leading up to my Exit HESI I did a lot of reading on this site, and I decided to finally join in.

My school requires us to pass in one of three ways:

1. Get a 900 or above on the HESI and a 45 on the Exit Kaplan

2. Get an 850 or above on the HESI and a 65 on the Exit Kaplan

3. Get two 850's on HESI

We only get to take the Exit Kaplan once. We have three chances at HESI.

Well, I am rather frustrated because this morning was our first HESI and I got an 895. Five points away from being home free. It's very VERY aggravating. :uhoh3:*sighs* I have noticed that people that have reported their scores on this website seem to score lower on their second attempt on HESI. This leads me to have two questions:

1. Should I expect to score lower on my second HESI? Is that really the norm?

2. Has anyone taken the Exit Kaplan, and is it similar to the Kaplan QBANK? Is 65 a hard score to achieve?

Thanks for any and all input!

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