just started school cna school


just started cna/pct program combined i am so happy and i am so proud of myself rn coming soon it will be the next step and i love wearing my colorful scrubies to school nursing field im coming soon its been a passion for me for so long and im finally working towards it :wshgrt:for whom ever wanting to be a nurse and want a start i say go for it and congrats Nikell


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i have done the same thing. i want to be a nurse soooo bad, but i just dont have the time or money right now, so i am starting slow. also i am very afraid of going and failing everything and spending so much money, so i decided that i should get as much expierence as possilbe b4hand. i am a cna, i will start my phleb course on the 28th, and then i plan to take the med aide course in jan. i hope that by the time that i do get into a program that i will have enough confidence and knowledge to get through it!! also i have a 2 year old and i want her to at least be in school full time b4 i even think about getting into the program and as i wait, i can learn as much as possible!

good luck to you and everyone!

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