Just started in ICU, am so overwhelmed!

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So I just started my first job out of school in the ICU. I'm in a "residency program" but you can barely call it that because the extra meetings we have are more like vent sessions rather than learning sessions. I have a preceptor but she's the most unpleasant person I've ever met and is probably the only person in my life I've ever really hated. She is so disrespectful and treats me like a dog. When I do something wrong (or something she just doesn't like) she says "uh uh, no maam!" like a just chewed up her shoe. I want to look at her and be like *** is your problem!? The other day i had a patient's family member ask her in front of me if it was okay that the stool sample I sent to the lab had sat out for awhile. My preceptor starts ranting about how that's not okay and I shouldn't have done that while I was sitting right there! The family member was like well don't be mad at Leah, she didn't know and my preceptor was like "she should have known!" Well how can I know if she doesn't tell me?! I almost burst into tears right there but luckily held it in. I just feel sooo overwhelmed and like there are 1288319 things I don't know and will never know. She tells me to ask questions but I don't know what questions to ask! I just do the best I can and take her abuse just hoping that eventually I will know enough to get her off my back. I'm hoping that when I switch to night shift it will be more laid back and the people will be nicer. I worked night shift during my preceptorship in school and enjoyed the pace a lot more. I just want this to get easier I'm sick of being the stupid newbie!!

Demand a new preceptor. Being a new nurse is stressful enough without having a nasty preceptor on top of it!

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Just hang in there, be safe, & let your preceptors attitude roll off you like water off a duck's back. Soon enough you will be doing your own thing! The first day being alone in the ICU, I was like "wow, I don't have someone breathing down my neck. I can do things my own way!"

Best of luck!

hang in there! Just remember to be safe. Everything else will come.

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