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10/27/09 just placed at paradise valley/ john c lincoln spring010

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by PVNursingAZ PVNursingAZ (New Member) New Member

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I was just placed at PVCC for the Spring 010 nursing program. My time stamp was AUG 2008. PVCC was my first choice, but I really did not count on it because of the many stories I heard of this program with John C Lincoln taking care of their employees first. I was counting on Boswell since they accepted 60 students and their were 8 openings at 10 am this morning, PVCC only had 1 opening.

Any other stories, share!

Dont Give up, time flies.:yeah:

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mackenziec85 works as a RN.

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I got placed today at SCC. My timestamp is from February 2009. The only reason I got in so soon is because I'm an employee at Scottsdale Healthcare. I was completely shocked when I got the email because they only had 2 employee positions available. I actually scared my boyfriend because I started yelling!

So congrats again, and good luck!

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