Just got certified, but I'm still slow!

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Hi everyone,

I just passed my State exam last Thursday, and I'm really excited.

My residents really love me and love that I take my time and talk to them, listen to them and their problens and Concerns. I enjoy spending time with them, but I end up getting behind in my work... and I know that my being slowed down slows down the other CNAs and nurse assistant trainees down as well.

I work the evening shift at a Delmar Gardens facility.

I've been working as a nurse assistant for like 3 months now, and I still struggle to get done before my shift ends at 11:15. All of my residents on my hall need excessive assistance besides 3 people who mostly do for themselves. I have one hoyer lift and 2 one assists, and the rest are two assists. On my hall I have 8 rooms (when we have enough workers) and 2 people per room, and one room with 1 person in it. And the morning shift lays all my residents in bed right before I get there (as their care plans state they are to be laid down after lunch and before dinner).

I thought I had a routine down, but based on fact that I'm still slow, I'm thinking I might not have a good one down.

Once I clock in I try to find person who worked my hall before me, but a lot of the time they're already gone... I grab water cart and while I'm checking on my residents I refill their water mugs with ice and water. I'll pass out gowns and washcloths next. I start getting them up for dinner around 4ish, but some don't want to get up until 5, and I have to have them all in dining room by 5:30...

I work again at 2:45 today so I'm really struggling to find tips, advice, or methods to get better and faster at my job! Please help!!

Thank you!

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