JU Transfer BSN Program Schedule 2012

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Can someone, ANYONE please tell me what the schedule is like?

I can not for the life of me locate this information.

I'm supposed to be starting a job soon but am also waiting on acceptance into the fall program (letters sent this week - eeeeeeeek!!!), if accepted I may or may not continue with employment so I really need to locate info on what days and hours the BSN Transfer program usually is.

Thank you soooo much in advance!! :)

Hello, I am currently in the program now and I will be totally honest with you. You may not have time to have a job. You're going to be taking 2 classes the first 8 weeks and 3 classes the second 8 weeks. The program is very time consuming and it might be best if you don't have any outside distractions because you have to maintain a 75% test average in order to pass the class. Hope this helps.

Could you PLEASE tell me the schedule? I need to know the hours (8am-5pm, etc)?

I've been a house wife for two years now so I don't HAVE to work but I do have a three year old and it would be nice to know how many hours I will need to have her in child care (which is expensive)....

Thank you.

OMG, where do I start. Right now, my classes are from 9am-12:30pm Monday through Thursday but we have been taking exams on Fridays. We have been coming to some if the classes at 8am bc of the professors. Its crazy, keep your schedule open and you're gonna need plenty of time for studying. I have a 2 year old so I know how it is. You might as well enroll her in day care full time M-F.

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Thank you so much for the info. Definitely sounds intense! I knew Id have to arrange child care for my daughter, just wasnt sure how much.

Will your schedule be changing during the next semester? I ask because I've read that the 9am-12:30pm schedule is only for the summer term.

Thanks again for your input!

Yes my schedule is changing in the Fall. The Fall semester consists of 8 week classes instead of 6 week classes. There are afternoon classes too but you may just have to leave your schedule open. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to intimidate you. The Fall is definitely a little less intense than the summer due to a 2 week difference. A little advice, start working on your anatomy, I wish someone told me this ahead of time.

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