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First contact today with recruiter in regards to joining the Navy Nurse Corps, I already have my BSN and have one year experience in Cardio entry is close now until October. I have a family, husband (retired) two children 6 and 13. We want to go to Hawaii what is the best way for me to get there as Navy Nurse. Also if I enter for the three years active do I get to reenlist and pick my duty station.

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You will go wherever the Navy needs you. Hawaii is popular; don't expect to get that first-choice. You'll probably have to play the waiting game.

As a nurse and an officer, you won't "enlist". You'll accept a commission and choose to remain on active duty if your record and the needs of the Navy permit.

Most of the branches take requests, but whether or not they grant you one of your preferred stations is (again) entirely dependent on their needs. If you are going into the service for travel purposes, I'd strongly advise against that. The military is a lifestyle. Wherever you're stationed, you're not there for fun. You are there to work. With the drawdown and budget cuts looming, that work is going to get more and more intense as the years go by.

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This is where you need to post to connect with current and former servicemembers who can give you more specific information on Navy nursing. Good luck!

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