Johns Hopkins Nurse Residency OCT 2018

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Hi everyone,

I was invited to interview for the Progressive Care Cardiac Unit (PCCU) at Johns Hopkins. I am looking for information about the interview process, the PCCU team, the type of shifts offered to new graduates (e.g. 3-12hrs, 10hrs or 5-8hrs), any insight into the orientation and general advice about interviewing at Hopkins.

I'm very excited to receive this opportunity but I'm more nervous because I'm a non-traditional student. I think my past work history helps establish me as a reliable, hard-working professional with excellent references. My experience and skills translate well into the Nursing field, but my GPA isn't as competitive as I hoped for.

How much emphasis does Hopkins put on grades/transcripts? I was a good student but just missed the mark for honors and the Sigma Theta Tau honor society. Any thoughts on this?

Anyone else out there interviewing in the next two weeks?

Hi, how did the interview go? I am graduating in May, and I want to apply for JHH residency program. How did you get a head start on it? When is the best time to apply for the program? I have been looking at threads hoping I'd get some information about it. Thanks in advance!

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