Jobs for experienced adn?

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so i know its hard for new grad adn/bsn people to get jobs in nyc and surrounding areas, but what if youre an adn nurse with 3 years experience of acute care? any recommendations as to what hospitals to apply to? thanks!

If you can't get a job with 3 years experience, then I don't know how any new grads (ADN or BSN) can land a job nowadays. What kind of experience do you have and are you applying for the right jobs? Have you contacted a recruiter? Gone to a staffing agency?

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i havent been applying since i have not received my nys license yet. will plan on doing so when i get it. no contacts to recruiters, but i have been contacted by traveling agencies (hrn), but i dont know if they have anything to offer in nyc (for some reason i dont think nyc hospitals use travelers).

I think it will be much easier for you to get a job with your experience. Just apply and see, and if you really just want to work in NYC, then contact that travel nurse agency. Who knows, maybe you can carve out a position if the unit you contract with really likes you. A lot of hospitals in NYC, just to let you know, prefer BSNs nowadays. I don't want to sound discouraging to all the ADNs but it's true. You might be looked at as a stronger candidate for a perm position if you are working towards a BSN.

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