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Earlier this semester, I was offered my pick of units/shifts from the hospital where I completed my nurse externship. However, I did not want to close doors or remain indecisive for too long, so I simply declined. I am content with my decision because I have found that my interests are different than what I thought just a few months ago. I spent a lot of time looking at jobs all around the US, but HR departments are terrible and everything felt so impersonal. Everything either seemed unappealing or extremely competitive(like the JH Internships). Now, here I am graduating this week jobless. I am so discouraged and I don't know where to begin because I feel like applying this late comes off as "lack of motivation." The truth is, I started to struggle in my last nursing course and I prioritized studying over job searching. I am flexible and willing to go anywhere and work in pretty much any shift or unit. I have an excellent work ethic and I get along well with patients.

Anyone have any advice?:cry:


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I would go back to the hospital that you did your internship in. I am sure you left a good impression with them (that's why they offered you a position), and they will still remember you. I would ask to speak with the Director of Nursing first, because they know what their nursing needs are.

Good Luck,



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me too, i just passed my nclex-rn exam and got my BLS cert. but no one is hiring me. All the hospitals have this neverending list of Nursing Jobs but they all require RN experience! How can a new grad have experience if they won't give a chance for us to work. By the way, i am a MD in another country but that don't have much of an appeal to the HR. They are right, when you got to HR, it's like talking to a robot, same line everytime.

By the way, my problem is I didn't graduate here in the US, so much for the internship.

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