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Job Seniority in Nursing

Hello! I am applying for CNA jobs because I am going to be a CNA while I complete LPN school, then I plan on working as an LPN while I complete my BSN. I am wondering how important seniority is in obtaining a hospital job? I have a friend who currently works as an RN at a great hospital here in Minneapolis, and she says she got the job because she worked as a CNA for the same hospital. My dilemma is that the good CNA jobs near me are not through hospitals that hire LPNs anymore. So I'm wondering if I will lose my seniority through the hospital I will be a CNA at (Fairview) if I leave for a couple of years to be an LPN at a different hospital (Allina/Abbott)? Or if seniority in the nursing world still counts the total years you worked there in the past, not just consecutive years directly before? Thank you in advance for any help/advice!


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