Job Seniority in Nursing

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Hello! I am applying for CNA jobs because I am going to be a CNA while I complete LPN school, then I plan on working as an LPN while I complete my BSN. I am wondering how important seniority is in obtaining a hospital job? I have a friend who currently works as an RN at a great hospital here in Minneapolis, and she says she got the job because she worked as a CNA for the same hospital. My dilemma is that the good CNA jobs near me are not through hospitals that hire LPNs anymore. So I'm wondering if I will lose my seniority through the hospital I will be a CNA at (Fairview) if I leave for a couple of years to be an LPN at a different hospital (Allina/Abbott)? Or if seniority in the nursing world still counts the total years you worked there in the past, not just consecutive years directly before? Thank you in advance for any help/advice!


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I left FV when I was a CNA because they stopped hiring LPNs right in the middle of my employment!! To stay in the ring, I applied to work in the long term care that's connected to FV (Ebenezer's). I just finished my BSN and passed the NCLEX! I've been applying to FV hospital jobs like crazy since September 4th and only one application so far has the "hiring manager review" status. About 7 applications have the "under review" status. After doing research, people who have no connection have a hard time getting "under review" status. I'm going to take the first offer, it was very hard for me to get hired as a CNA. 

Abbott is one of the top pays in MN according to LinkedIn and not counting government jobs. If you get in as a LPN why not stay? They're not hiring any new grads at this time because of COVID. 

Best wishes on your journey!