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I have been reading several posts throughout this forum and absolutely love the amount of information that all the participants provide. I have a question that I hope people can provide some insight on. I have read that there is a CRNA shortage, but also that there are many schools opening or potentially in the works. Does anyone think that job saturation will ever be reached for CRNAs? Will that affect the amount of autonomy or the pay structures of CRNAs?

yoga crna

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If you check with AANA, you will find that there are a large number of nurse anesthetists who are within 5-10 years of retirement age. When we retire, there will be lots of openings. If you are considering a career as a nurse anesthetist, look at future demographics, not current.

Of course, there are a few out there like myself, who love the profession so much that retirement is not a word we think about.



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Yoga makes very good points (congrats, by the way, on reaching 44 years as a CRNA.) Current statistics show that CRNA's are retiring, and will continue to retire at a rate faster than the schools can turn out graduates. Do the math, there will be a shortage for some time.

Kevin McHugh, CRNA


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Great point! That is nursing as a whole, but especially in this very unique advanced specialty.

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