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I am currently enrolled in an accelerated masters program and will be taking my NCLEX in august. I am moving to portland in fall and I am curious to know job prospects for new RNs. I have healthcare experience in the past in a foreign country and have an excellent academic record. I completed my rotations in Tacoma WA area and have been asked/offered by nurse managers in practically every rotation. Unfortunately I am going to have to move to portland for my husband's work.

I was browsing through past threads and read that this area is saturated with new grads and it takes several months to find your first job. Some have said that you have always start at a longterm care/mental health/ state facility before you can get into a hospital position. Does anyone has any information on situation in past few years?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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Talking to an experienced ASN nurse who moved to the Portland area in the last couple of years. It's very difficult to find work if you don't have a BSN or higher and want into an acute care setting. She ended up working in home health despite 10+ years acute care experience because without a BSN the hospitals wouldn't look at her.

However as a new grad you likely are eligible for the residency programs that many of the hospitals have, which could help open doors.

I bet you'd have no issue with a residency program