Job outlook for CNS, CNL, and NP's?


So, after 16 years of being an RN-BSN, I finally feel ready for grad school. I found a field I love- primary care- and applied and got accepted into the CNL program at UW- Milwaukee, and am halfway through the first semester. My original intent- learn more A&P and pharmacology, and be a better "bedside" or direct care nurse. I love the idea of the CNL- I love patient teaching, I love coaching staff, and the idea of doing what I already to with a greater level of mastery is so very appealing.

But then, realistically, my employer just got rid of the tuition reimbursement, and there is no way they would pay me more (we're laying people off)- plus, going through the effort of getting the degree, without getting prescriptive authority, was a deal-breaker.

I've applied to the DNP-FNP program which would take me five years, and the NP program at Marquette- got accepted last week- which would take me about three years, and I could switch to CNS if I want.

I am wondering, three or five years from now, in our US economy, what would be my career and salary outlook? It seems like CNS are not really being hired, and it looks like there is going to be a surplus of NP's. How have other people come to terms with this? Is it too early to worry?