Job offer question


I have received a job offer from one of two interviews I recently went on. I have no details yet (they left a message on my cell). My question is how do I politely finesse this situation? I would like to know if I will get an offer from the other organization before I make a decision. Also, I heard about two other positions that will likely be opening up within the next month that I also am interested in. I am a new grad...

Does anyone have advice about my situation as a job hunter? Also, any advice from recruiters as to the best way to handle this would be appreciated. Many thanks!

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I always kindly thank them for the offer, and then I politely let them know that I need a little time to think it over, could I let them know in "x" amount of time? I usually ask for an extra week to make my final decision; however, I typically don't ask for longer than that for them to wait on my decision.

Also, in regards to a first NP job, it is nice that it appears you may have more than one option to consider. My suggestion, think about where you would ultimately like to wind up practicing and gear your final decision on a position that will lead you on that path to your ideal job. Try not to become too specialized right from the start because that may limit your options in the future (unless it is ultimately your dream job). If you do get more than one offer, consider not only the salary, but also all of the other benefits. Try and find a position that will give you the most varied experiences while providing you with a good support system.

Good luck!